Alto Pharmacy US Unicorn Success Story {updated}

Jamie Karraker is the co-founder and CEO of Alto Pharmacy, a prescription delivery company that he and Mattieu Gamache-Asselin launched in 2015. The company’s grown to almost $1 billion annualized revenue, but Karraker said it still only represents 2% of the pharmacy market. The company believes it found just the right person to take Alto to the next level.

Alicia Boler Davis, a member of Amazon’s S-Team who served as SVP of global customer fulfillment, will become Alto’s CEO on Sept. 1. Karraker said letting her take charge of Alto would maximize its chance of changing the pharmacy industry for the better.

Founders Alto Pharmacy

Mattieu Gamache-Asselin, Co-Founder & CEO
Jamie Karraker, Co-Founder & CTO
Vladimir Blumen, Co-Founder & COO

alto pharmacy

Business Model Alto Pharmacy

Alto Pharmacy is an online website for prescriptions medicines for patients and sellers. Physicians can send their prescriptions directly to the alto pharmacy and patients can use the online website to schedule delivery. In addition, patients can also set auto refills and renewals for their prescriptions. offers smart packs of pre-sorted packs of drugs for easy management of multiple medications and improve adherence. For providers, the company provides pharmacy communications platform to enable easy management of prescriptions for their patients.

As the company has built out its software capabilities, it has also crafted an efficient operating strategy. While traditional pharmacies rely on many store locations within a single area, each with its own small staff, Alto operates out of one fulfillment center in each of its San Francisco, southern California, and Denver locations.

Alto Pharmacy also works to get patients the least expensive medications by automatically looking for coupons or working with doctors to find alternative medications if the ones prescribed aren’t covered by insurance. Those seemingly simple tactics are rare in the pharmacy industry, but they’ve saved Alto customers more than $10 million in medication costs to date.

alto pharmacy
DateFunding AmountFunding RoundInvestors
June 2016$ 6 MSeries AHack VC,Jackson Square Ventures
June 2017$ 17 MSeries B
Palapa Ventures,Soma Capital and Many more”
Decamber 2018$ 78.6 MSeries CGreenoaks, Zola Global and 2 others
January 2020$ 250 MSeries DAdvance Venture Partners, Unusual Ventures and 5 others
January 2022$ 40 MSeries DGreenoaks, Jackson Square Ventures and 3 others
January 2022$ 200 MSeries ESoftBank Vision Fund

Alto Pharmacy Revenue

2020$585 M
2021$700 M
2021$1000 M (Estimated)


Alto pharmacy phone number

Alto Pharmacy Contact number is

Alto Pharmacy in Nyc

The address of alto pharmacy nyc is 100 Park Ave FRNT E, New York, NY 10017, United States

how does alto pharmacy make money?

By selling prescription medicine and medical services the also pharmacy makes money to run this ventures, although reveenus is increasing on year on year basis but still looking to meet ebita.

Our Opinion

Alto Pharmacy is system and process driven online platform, as they open the new locations for service they will increase the revenue for sure, as per the statements they till now cover only 2% of the potential of the market still there is huge gap in the market to cover, although they acquire one brand but still in future more brands are coming in the same portfolio to grab the market. They are looking and keen to get the 98% potential and dream to double the revenue in next financial year.

Then they might go for series F for further expansion of the brand.

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