Anil Ambani Net Worth House News And Failure Story

Anil Ambani Naam he Kafi hai | Who does not know Anil Ambani, everyone knows Anil Ambani, Mukesh Ambani very well in India and no other family in India has the same name, glory and status as the Ambani family in India.
Anil Ambani, who was once the 6th richest person in the world, what has happened now that he has come to the stage of bankcorrupcy today. Was it some wrong decision that brought him down to this limit?
Let us know what Anil Ambani achieved in his life and what was wasted.

In business, whenever your decision works in your favor, the world praises you and if your decision harms you, the world gives you the tag of failure. Whatever decision Anil and Mukesh’s father took in life took them to new heights of success. Both his sons Mukesh and Anil also joined hands with him to bring new success to Reliance. Both his sons were experts in every business decision, but there was a lot of difference in the nature and working style of both the brothers. Where Mukesh Ambani used to plan his every decision carefully, the opposite of Anil Ambani’s decision proved to be a hasty decision without a complete calculation of the future.
Because of all those wrong decisions, today Anil Ambani is on the verge of bankruptcy and his opposite Mukesh Ambani remains in the list of India’s Richest Person and Forbes list with $86 billion net worth in the list of world’s top 15 rich people.
Mukesh Ambani, where his focus was only and only in business, opposite to him, Anil Ambani also had to do jogging, lunch with Amitabh Bachchan and was also fond of becoming a Rajya Sabha minister. Overall, he was addicted to the dazzling life and being in the media. He does some business not to earn money but to maintain his presence in the media. Live example of this is Mumbai’s sea link which was built by Anil Ambani with a loss because he thought that his name would be associated with a legacy forever. 
Thinking like this for a businessman is equivalent to inviting financial crisis to himself.

In the year 2002, when Anil and Mukesh’s father died, a time came when both the brothers wanted to divide the work. Because the Reliance Group had become so big and the differences between these two brothers were not hidden even in the media and there was great curiosity in the business world to know how the two brothers manage the business after the death of a father. There was a lot of difference in the way of working of both the brothers, so it was not possible for both to work together for a long time. The dispute between the two brothers about the partition had increased so much that their mother Kokila Ben had to come in between and settle their dispute.
Mukesh Ambani got traditional business like Reliance industry and oil business. According to mother, Mukesh has more understanding of these businesses and can handle them better and Anil Ambani got his share of today’s business like Reliance Communication, Reliance Power, Reliance Capital.

And a decision was also taken in the presence of the mother that both the brothers will not start the same business as each other for the next 10 years. What was the impact of 10 years non-competition clause, you will know after reading this article completely.

Anil Ambani Net Worth and Golden time

After partition of businesses, Anil Ambani had come into his own colors and wanted to achieve everything that he could not do by staying with Mukesh Ambani. He wanted to show the world that he has the ability to run a business more than Mukesh Ambani and the talent to become bigger than him, which he now wanted to show by doing this.
Anil Ambani’s company Reliance Communication became India’s number-1 mobile company between 2006-2010. Amar Singh was his good friend because of which he got the membership of Rajya Sabha. He also bought Adlabs and renamed it as Reliance Media Labs. Adlabs used to run the cinema business. You must have seen the theaters of Big Cinema. Anil Ambani also tried his hand at making Hollywood movies by partnering with Hollywood’s famous producer director Steven Spielberg and in his partnership he got 11 nominations and also managed to win 1 Oscar award.
Anil Ambani’s golden period was flying like that, at that time anyone’s eyes should be widened. This can be gauged from the fact that he used to go from his home to office in helicopter 2-3 times in a week.

The idea of his success can be gauged from the fact that in 2008, his IPO of Reliance Power was sold out in 60 seconds. And at this time he had come at number 6 in the list of the world’s richest people, but he was not completely happy even on this achievement because his elder brother Mukesh Ambani was at number 5 in the list of the world’s richest people.

anil ambani pic with amitabh bachhan

Anil Ambani Failure Story

Now the time had come when the decisions taken by Anil Ambani started backfiring.

  • Anil Ambani’s company Reliance Communication was based on CDMA Technology, so when 4G was launched in India, Anil’s company had to struggle for market share from available competition Airtel and Hutch in the market and Reliance was losing its market share. . Meanwhile, Mukesh Ambani enters the mobile industry as the 10-year non-competition clause between the two expires in 2017. In this way, with the entry of Jio Mobile, even Airtel and Hutch could not save themselves, then Anil Ambani’s Reliance Communication had nowhere to save. At one time Reliance Communication market valuation was 165000 crores and in today’s time it has become almost bankcorrupt.
  • When there was a division between the two brothers regarding the business, then there was an agreement between the two brothers regarding gas supply that if Anil Ambani needed gas supply in future, then Mukesh Ambani would give him gas at the rate of $2.34. With this thinking, Anil Ambani started setting up gas plants and thought that now he can earn money, but here also he had to face defeat from Mukesh Ambani. Mukesh Ambani says that he will supply gas at the market rate and at that time the rate of gas has become $4.24, so he will not supply gas cheaply. Seeing that there was no solution to this problem, Anil Ambani filed a court case against Mukesh and the decision of the court came in favor of Mukesh Ambani. The court said that the court is not bound for the decisions taken while sitting at home. Anil Ambani’s difficulties increased due to court orders and here once again Anil Ambani had to bear the loss and again the reason was Mukesh Ambani.
  • Anil Ambani was very fond of trying his luck in new sectors as well, but unless you have knowledge of any business, then risk should be taken up to a level only. Here Anil Ambani made another big mistake, he thought of trying his luck in the defense sector and bought a company named Pipavav Defense and Offshore Engineering for $1 billion and renamed it Reliance Naval and Engineering Limited. You all must have heard about the Raffaele deal controversy, the name of Anil’s company was also a part of that controversy. There was no profit, but in no time the valuation of the company decreased from $1 billion to $100 million. Here Anil Ambani suffered a huge loss of $900 million in the blink of an eye.
  • Anil Ambani’s company took the contract for the link from Mumbai and completed the project with a loss. He took its contract not for the purpose of earning profit but to get his name written in golden words and to loot accolades. But being a businessman, his thinking today brought him from heaven to earth.
  • Anil Ambani’s Ericssion which is a Swedish company. Ericssion filed a court case against Anil Ambani for a debt of $80 million and Anil lost the case in court. The court ordered him to give this money to him immediately but he failed to arrange this money and at the right time his elder brother Mukesh Ambani saved Anil from going to jail by paying 500 crores. Despite business rivalry, he did not want that Ambani is a very respected family of this country and any member of his family should go to jail like this.

Anil Ambani Wife

Anil Ambani’s wife’s name is Tina Muneem, who was once a well-known Bollywood actress, and after marriage, Tina Muneem is known as Tina Ambani.

anil amabi with wife tina

Anil Ambani House

Anil Ambani’s house is on Palli hills in Mumbai. This is a 17-storey super luxury home, in which every facility is available from swimming pool to theater and helipad for helicopter is also available on the top floor. It has a floor size of 16000 square feet and the market valuation of his house is more than 5000 crores, the house was named Abode which means place to live.

Image credit to Magicbrick and Google.

Anil Ambani News

As we have come to know till now that Anil Ambani remains in discussion for one reason or the other. At present, a case is going on against him in a court of England and he has been sued by 3 Chinese companies from whom he had taken loan and which he has not been able to repay.
It is not that he has run out of money, he also has a luxurious house in Mumbai like elder brother Mukesh Ambani and if sources are to be believed, he has hidden his money in an offshore account.
Only the coming time will be able to tell how he will end his troubles and come back as a king again. Through this article, we all should learn a lesson that when you do not have proper knowledge of any business, then do not take such a big risk in it and do not do any business in loss just for name and fame.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Ambani, once the sixth richest person in the world, declared before a UK court in February 2020 that his net worth is zero and he is bankrupt, although the veracity of that claim is in question.

  • Reliance Communications
  • Reliance Power
  • Reliance Capital
  • Reliance Naval and Engineering

At One time he rank 6th in forbes list but at present he is out of the league.

NO, out of the billionaire list after filing the Bankruptcy.

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