BBK Group | OnePlus, OPPO, VIVO, Realme Growth and Market Share

BBK Group is the Chinese company and the owner and makers of mobile brands like Oneplus, OPPO, VIVO and Realme and they are 3rd Largest mobile manufacturer.

Who is BBK Group ?

The original company name of bbk group is bbk electronics corporation and it started in 1995 in China. The name of owner of bbk group is Duan Yongping and it is a Chinese billionaire.

The main 2 brands of bbk group are Oppo and Vivo.
All other brands launched by bbk group were launched as sub-brands of these two brands.
As the brands coming under the Oppo brand are OnePlus and Realme and similarly the iQOO brand was launched under Vivo brands.
In the initial days, BBK Group focused only on making mobiles, later as time and technology started changing, they also started making smart watches, power banks, bluetooth and gadgets.
The brand has never let itself be left out in today’s competition and has never lagged behind any brand in innovations.
In 2017, it became the world’s largest mobile maker and only Samsung was ahead of it, leaving all other brands such as Apple and Huawei to become the world’s number 2 smartphone brand.

BBK Group Strategy

There has always been a strategy of bbk group that both Oppo and Vivo may be its own brands but it ran these two brands at the SAME time with different strategies. We have also always seen both the brands competing with each other as they consider Samsung and Apple as their competitors.
This helped the brand capture more and more market share and it was also successful in bringing this idea to the ground.
BBK Group has never compromised on the quality of the product and flagship mobiles are available in each of their labels, they know their target customers.
Where the company made OPPO Vivo REALME targeting the middle class, then OnePlus and IQOO brands were targeted for the premium segment.

Brands Under BBK Group


First of all, the Oppo brand was started and by focusing on the quality of the camera, Oppo first made the people away from the digital camera and made it a habit that good pictures can be taken in the mobile itself.
OPPO Camera Phone written on the Glow Sign board of this brand can be seen everywhere.

OnePlus 1+

Oneplus Mobile Phones comes under the Oppo brand, Oppo is written on its phone box at the place where the name of the manufacture is. The company had a very accurate strategy behind Oneplus launch, the company launched it like a premium brand and launched it only on amazon and could not buy it just like that, but to buy it on amazon you needed an invite and I Even today, I remember the person who was successful in buying this phone, felt so good. Amitabh Bachchan became its first brand ambassador in India and this phone still comes with Snapdragon top level chipset, it has not stopped targeting the premium segment even after so many years. Even today, such a segment exists in this industry that if you want to use Android phone except iOS, then Oneplus is its preference.


Realme brand is the second brand coming inside the Oppo brand, on its box also in the manufacture section you will find Oppo written.
The idea behind launching this brand is to target the low and medium segment without dropping the market share of Oppo and Oneplus and give a value for money product to the buyers. This brand has made a good hold in the market in the last few years.


The Vivo brand is also the second brand to come under the bbk group, which was launched by the company in the beginning with Oppo.
Vivo Mobiles was promoted as Music and later as Camera Music. In this, phones were launched for every segment. VIVO also performed well worldwide and sponsored many big events like IPL Cricket and FIFA World Cup 2022.


IQOO Mobiles is a new name for Vivo brand to target premium and high end customers.
In this too, like Oneplus, high configuration was made keeping in mind.
This brand is not that old yet some of its models have earned a good name and won some awards.

BBK Group Net Worth

BBK Electronics Group (also the current Chairman). Duan’s net worth was estimated at $1.5 billion, according to the 2018 Hurun China Rich List.

BBK Group Market Share

In the three years till 2020-21, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo’s India arm recorded a total revenue of Rs 66.985.7 crore. Although income from operations had dipped in 2020-21 by a percentage, in 2019-20 the company had recorded an increase of over 45 per cent – from Rs 17,201.7 crore to Rs 25,060 crore.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Apple and Samsung have struggled to keep pace with the cost-competitive nature of China’s homegrown mobile brands, including those in the BBK network. On a global scale, data from CounterPoint now places combined BBK brand market shares in the first place.

Both BBK and Apple having 18% global market share. 

billionaire Duan Yongping

Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Realme, IQOO All these brand owned by BBK Electronics Group China

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