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Bill Gates is an American business magnate, software developer, investor, author, and philanthropist. He is a co-founder of Microsoft, along with his late childhood friend Paul Allen.

Bill Gates | About him

Bill Gates, full name William Henry Gates III, is an American computer programmer and entrepreneur who cofounded Microsoft Corporation, the world’s largest personal-computer software company.

At the age of 13, Bill Gates wrote his first software program. In high school, he co-founded Traf-O-Data, a company that sold traffic-counting systems to local governments, with a group of programmers. In 1975, while still a sophomore at Harvard, Gates collaborated with his hometown friend Paul G. Allen to create software for the first microcomputers. They started by porting BASIC, a popular programming language for large computers, to microcomputers. With the success of this project, Gates left Harvard during his junior year and co-founded Microsoft with Allen.

When Microsoft licensed an operating system called MS-DOS to International Business Machines Corporation, the then-largest computer supplier and industry leader, for use on its first microcomputer, the IBM PC, Gates’ influence over the developing microcomputer industry (personal computer) significantly grew. Following the machine’s introduction in 1981, IBM soon established the technical benchmark for the PC sector, and MS-DOS similarly displaced other operating systems.

While Microsoft’s independence strained relations with IBM, Gates deftly manipulated the larger company so that it became permanently dependent on him for crucial software. Makers of IBM-compatible PCs, or “clones,” also turned to Microsoft for their basic software. By the start of the 1990s, he had become the PC industry’s ultimate kingmaker.

Bill Gates Childhood and Early Life

On October 28, 1955, in Seattle, Washington, Bill Gates was born. He was the middle child in a family of three.

His mother, Mary Gates, was a teacher, and his father, William H. Gates Sr., was a well-known attorney. Gates’ paternal grandfather had also practiced law.

Gates came from an upper middle-class family and went to Lakeside Institution, a private school, where he first became interested in computer programming.

When he was thirteen years old, Gates developed an interest in creating games for the school’s teletype machine. This is when he first started working with computers.

He later recalled that “it was exciting to be able to create my own program that would run on this machine.”

When he was eighteen, Gates formed a company with Paul Allen called Traf-O-Data to make traffic counters based on the microprocessor chip they had designed. The business failed, but it gave Gates his first taste of entrepreneurship.


Bill Gates Success Story

Microsoft, which grew to be the biggest PC software company in the world, was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

They introduced the first iteration of the Microsoft Windows operating system in 1980, and the first iteration of Microsoft Office appeared in 1985. These products helped Microsoft become one of the most successful companies in history.

For several years, Gates has been listed as one of the richest people in the world. His estimated net worth as of November 2022 is $104 billion.

Gates has also been a tremendous philanthropist, giving billions of dollars through his foundation to charities and other causes.

Gates had a clear vision for what he wanted to achieve with Microsoft. He was passionate about making it the leading software company in the world. This passion drove him to continue working hard, even when things got tough.

In spite of everything, Gates was committed to seeing Microsoft succeed. He overcame obstacles and gave up some comfort along the way. One of the main factors contributing to Microsoft’s current level of success is its determination.

To realize his vision for Microsoft, Gates was prepared to take calculated risks. He made significant bets on emerging technology and gambled on activities that others deemed too dangerous. Another crucial lesson from Gates’ tale is the need to be willing to take chances.

Bill Gates Stay Focused

Even as Microsoft grew in size and success, Gates remained committed to his original vision. He kept working hard and pushing for new innovations. This focus is one of the factors that has contributed to Microsoft’s current success.

Gates has also always been willing to take chances and try new things, even if others thought he was insane.

He has always believed in himself and his vision for Microsoft, which has allowed him to stay focused on what is most important.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Gates’ career at Microsoft was not the only thing that made him well-known. In 1994, he and his then-wife Melinda founded the William H. Gates Foundation (renamed the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 1999) to support initiatives in the Pacific Northwest and programs for world health.

The pair also provided money for minority study fellowships through the Gates Millennium Scholars program and donated to North American libraries through the Gates Library Foundation (which was renamed the Gates Learning Foundation in 1999). Warren Buffett made an ongoing gift to the foundation in June 2006, which would enable it to amass assets of about $60 billion over the following 20 years. The foundation continued to prioritize community and educational initiatives in the United States as well as worldwide health and development issues at the start of the twenty-first century. In order to devote more time to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Gates gave up daily management of Microsoft in June 2008 after a brief transition period, but he remained chairman of the board.

In February 2014, he stepped down as chairman but continued to serve as a board member until 2020. During this time, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom (2016). The documentary series Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates appeared in 2019. Two years later, Gates and his wife divorced.

bill gates and melinda foundations

Bill Gates Net Worth

1986$350 million
1987$1.25 billion
1990$2.5 billion
1990$15 billion
1997$40 billion
1999$85 billion
2000$63 billion
2008$58 billion
2009$40 billion
2014$76 billion
2020$130 billion
2021$145 billion
2022$105 billion

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Bill Gates Investment Portfolio

Company% PortfolioNumber of SharesValue ($1000)
Microsoft Corp.26.91%39,264,6709,144,742
Berkshire Hathaway Inc.23.32%29,689,8457,927,782
Canadian National Railway Co.17.42%54,826,7865,920,745
Waste Management Inc.16.61%35,234,3445,644,894
Deere & Co.3.85%3,917,6931,308,079
Caterpillar Inc.3.55%7,353,6141,206,581
Ecolab Inc.2.07%4,866,427702,809
Walmart Inc.1.15%3,020,859391,805
Coca-Cola Femsa SAB de CV1.07%6,214,719362,877
Waste Connections Inc0.85%2,149,175290,418
FedEx Corp.0.67%1,534,362227,807
Crown Castle International Corp.0.60%1,420,072205,271
Schrodinger Inc.0.51%6,981,664174,402
Coupang Inc.0.45%9,248,045154,165
United Parcel Service Inc.0.35%740,689119,651
The Kraft Heinz Co.0.26%2,622,60087,464
Madison Square Garden Sports Corp.0.24%592,40680,958
Weber Inc.0.05%2,500,00016,425
Carvana Co.0.03%520,00010,556
On Holding AG0.02%500,0008,025
Asset Under Management99.99%215,697,97033,988,356
bill gates investment portfolio

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Bill Gates in Controversy

Melinda French Gates expressed concerns about her husband’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, as well as his money manager’s harassment claim. He also had an affair with one of his co-workers.

Melinda French Gates decided to divorce her husband after 27 years of marriage because he was a software pioneer, a billionaire, and a leading philanthropist.

However, Bill Gates had earned a reputation in some circles for questionable behavior at work. This is gaining attention as one of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful couples divorces.

According to two people familiar with the situation, Ms. French Gates was dissatisfied with her husband’s handling of a previously undisclosed sexual harassment claim against his longtime money manager in 2018. Ms. French Gates insisted on an outside investigation after Mr. Gates moved to settle the matter confidentially. Michael Larson, the money manager, keeps his job.

According to people with direct knowledge of his overtures, Mr. Bill Gates pursued women who worked for him at Microsoft and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on at least a few occasions.

After learning that Mr.Bill Gates had “sought to initiate an intimate relationship with a company employee in the year 2000,” Microsoft’s board of directors, on which he sat, opened an investigation into one of those cases in 2019. The board hired a law firm to conduct an investigation. Mr. Bill Gates resigned from Microsoft’s board of directors the following year. The Wall Street Journal covered the incident in 2000 and the board’s investigation.

“There was an affair almost 20 years ago which ended amicably,” said Bridgitt Arnold, a spokeswoman for Mr. Gates. “Gates’s decision to transition off the board was in no way related to this matter.”

And then there was Jeffrey Epstein, whom Mr. Gates met in 2011, three years after Mr. Epstein pleaded guilty to soliciting prostitution from a minor after facing allegations of sex trafficking of girls. Ms. French Gates had expressed concern about her husband spending time with the sex offender, but Mr. Gates continued to do so, according to people who were present at or briefed on the two men’s gatherings.

So, when Mr.Bill Gates and Mr. Epstein’s relationship became public in October 2019, Ms. French Gates was dissatisfied. She hired divorce lawyers, kicking off a process that culminated this month with the announcement of their divorce.

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