BLU Smart Cabs Will Overtake OLA and Uber?

In the last few years in the Indian economy, a lot of innovations have taken place over time, a segment which has grown and organized that is cab service, if you look in your locality, it used to be the black and yellow colored taxi. Then the era of black to white taxi came. It happened in some newly incorporated companies like Easy Cabs, Meru Cab. Gradually, they started recognizing both, the need and the habit of the consumer. Then the time came when Uber Taxi and Ola Taxi started making their mark in India. There came a time when a normal salaried person had started driving Ola and Uber taxi because both the companies started paying their drivers good incentives and charges so that the community who had capacity of hiring one or two taxis, they started hiring 5-6 taxis. When Ola and Uber started slashing driver’s incentives and distance charges, the drivers had given the customers enthusiasm before the service level and started harassing the customers by reducing the O level, this is today it is the situation. To go from one destination to another, the cab has to be booked three to four times and the cap driver first calls, asks where they have to go, if there is any benefit/ profit to the driver to reach that destination, then only he accepts the request of the rider other-wise they cancel the ride. To overcome all these problems, a new service has been started, which is currently providing its service in Delhi, Gurgaon and Bangalore, the name of this service is Blu Smart cabs and all the vehicles they have are non-polluting EV (Electric Vehicles).

Founders BLU Smart Cabs

Blu Smart Mobility is an Indian cab service, their head quarter is in Gurgaon, this company was started by three founders namely, Anmol Singh Jaggi, Puneet Kumar Goyal and Puneet Singh Jaggi. This company was started in 2019.

Whenever a startup is locked, it’s success depends on what solution it has come up with, which was not available in the market till now, the investor invests only on the solution and execution then only start up stay and finds success in the market.

Although Blu Smart Cabs has brought solutions to solve many of the problems that customers are facing from the rest of the Cab Providers in the present time.

Blu Smart Cabs Flat Rates Service

Blu Smart Cabs charges its customers a fixed rates no matter what time of day or night. It does not change its rates according to the demand and supply. In other words, it does not charge any surge charges as you might have seen in other cab service providers. You must have seen that when you enter the address from one location to another, every time there is a change in the charges according to the availability of the driver according to the time, but this doesn’t happen in the Blue Smart Cap. They fix the charges by kilometres.

blu smart cabs

Massive boot space

As we know Blu Smart Cabs are electric vehicles run on battery, due to this, the boot space of the car is completely free for the customers to keep their luggage and the competitor’s vehicles run on CNG, which occupies the car’s boot space, not giving enough luggage providing space to customers. In Blue Smart Cabs, customer get double space as compared to Ola and Uber cabs.


Stress free travel with BLU Smart Cabs

Travel is stress free in Blu Smart EV Cabs as compared to the Competition. Prices are Fixed, timely Pickup, timely dropping. Surge charges are not applicable. Blu Smart EV Cabs provide service in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Bangalore to Airport. The service is available from every location. Just a few days back, an incident was highlighted in which a cab service provider was fined ₹ 20,000 in the consumer court because the customer had to go to the airport and his driver was busy on his phone and then he remembered that his car ran out of CNG gas due to which the customer missed their flight. Keeping in mind that no such incident takes place, some rules have been made in the Blu Smart cabs for the drivers, so that the customer do not have to face such inconvenience in the future.

blu smart cabs

Dedicated pick-up zone

As we see on daily basis that when we book a cab, we keep on directing the driver to come on the location, without manually directing the driver, it is difficult for the driver to reach the location, no matter how good map service is used. For this, Blu Smart Cab Service has made a dedicated taxi stand at the airport so that the driver does not have to wander here and there, Customer will come straight on the Blu Smart kiosk stand, will get their cab booked with the same driver. This solves a huge problem of timely picking and leading to timely dropping at the location

blu smart pick up kiosk

Our Opinion

It is not at all that everything is good in Blu Smart cabs, there are some negative parts as well which we will discuss as there are not as many cars available in Delhi, Gurgaon and Bangalore. According to the demand, Customers most of the time don’t get the cab and have to book competition car even if they don’t want. Another lack which we saw is that cabs have to be booked 30 minutes in advance but sometimes some unscheduled plan And the customer needs the service immediately. In Delhi, Gurgaon and Bangalore this service is for the airport, so this service is completely available for the airport, but there is some such places in Delhi itself for which if we book a Blu Smart cabs, then it would have been written in the app that the Service is not available for this location, which disappoints the customer. The company should see the solution of all these customers problems as soon as possible otherwise it will not make any difference between Blu Smart Cabs and its competition.

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