Campus Shoes killed Puma Nike Adidas

Campus Shoes is one of the largest shoes manufacturer in India, it has made a mark in the India market by giving tough competition to international brands like Nike Adidas Puma. Campus shoes have become the first choice of buyers from a particular segment.
Let us know how the company did all this and what was the thinking of the company in this.

Campus Shoes Pricing

Do you know what is the average selling price of shoes in India?
Let us tell you that the average selling price of shoes in India is Rs.275. And its market share is growing by 5% every year. While the average selling price of international brand shoes is above Rs 2000, the average selling price of Nike shoes in India is above Rs 3000. In India, from Rs 500 to Rs 2000, no brand was covering this range properly and maximum sales happen in this segment in India. The company showed space in the Rs 500 to Rs 2000 price segment and every strategy and planning was made keeping in mind the idea of making this price segment customer its own and was 100% successful in its planning.


It’s not that Campus Shoes only focuses on manufacturing and not international brands?
Shoes making is done in 2 processes, first part is upper and second part is sole.
Campus Shoes has outsourced 90% of the manufacturing work as it involves maximum labor work and involvement. 65% of the soul work is done by the company itself and 35% is outsourced by the company. But on top of that, the company has kept 100% of its assembly work including the sole in its hands. One reason for that is to keep quality control.
Campus Shoes has outsourced the above design work, so they launch their designs very quickly, which is between 60-90 days.
While companies like Nike Puma take up to 90-120 days to launch the design. Campus shoes by Maximum Models are created with a sports and athletics style in mind. Fashion trends have a huge role to play in this. Design styles go out of trend very quickly, so to stay in this competition, it is a compulsion and a necessity to launch your design very quickly.

campus shoes

Number of Designs

Today the customer asks for a lot of choice, earlier there were only a few number of designs which were in vogue and the company had to maintain only the size.
But today it is not an easy task to maintain the designs, color and size of everything. How many brands get closed due to this reason.
Campus Shoes gives the customer options in the market with more designs from Nike and Reebok. While Adidas and Puma have more number of designs than campus shoes but their price segment and customer segment is also premium.
The one who will pay more amount will have to give more choice that is why Adidas and Puma have more design than campus shoes.

Brands# SKU

Right Customer Segment

Campus Shoes has launched designs keeping in mind the customer segment. As a study tells that in India man wears more shoes while woman wears less shoes. In sports, both men and women wear shoes, but now it is seen that the trend of sports shoes has also increased in daily life because they are more comfortable to walk.
Campus Shoes launched more designs for men and less designs for ladies and children.
India is the second largest shoes manufacturer in the world and is growing by 15% every year. India makes 22 billion shoes every year and only 9% of it is consumed in India and the rest is exported. After China and America, the maximum number of shoes are consumed in India. Footwear per capita in the world is 3.2 pairs while in India per capita is 1.9 pairs.



Campus Shoes for Men

As we have come to know that the focus segment of Campus Shoes is men, the maximum range is made keeping this in mind. The men’s shoes segment contributes 69% to the sales of campus shoes.

Click here |Campus shoes for men latest collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes its 100% Indian Brand and the owned by action group.

Yes, it is very Famous in India and hold good market share.

Action Group Owns the Campus Shoes Brand.

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