Elon Musk or Bernard Arnault | Who will #1 billionaire in 2023 ?

Elon Musk or Bernard Arnault | The way Elon Musk’s wealth is changing. It is expected that soon the title of the world’s richest man can go from his head. Let us know who will leave them behind in this race?

Elon Musk is a name that has been in the headlines continuously for the last two months. Whether he wants to become the owner of the world’s most engaged social media platform Twitter or create a stir in the industry by making an electric car. Elon Musk also holds the title of being the richest person in the world. But for one reason or the other, Elon Musk’s problems and controversies do not seem to end, now it is a matter of concern that soon this crown is going to be removed from his head, because at this time, Bernard has left behind Musk in the race for wealth. Arnold’s wealth is increasing rapidly.

Who Will #1

The recent report of Forbes Real Time Billionaires Index has revealed that there has been a slight decrease in Musk’s wealth in the recent past. Musk’s net worth was $ 191.2 billion at the time of writing the news. At the same time, Bernard Arnault has total assets of $ 179.8 billion. There is only a difference of $ 11 billion in the net worth of both. On the one hand, Bernard’s property is increasing continuously, while on the other hand, Musk’s property has decreased by $ 200 billion due to the decline in shares in the past. According to a report last week, Musk’s new company Twitter’s top advertiser refused to advertise. Some experts are saying that this may affect Musk’s wealth as well. If Elon Musk gets a similar blow again, then Arnault can overtake him in terms of assets.

Who Will be the Next king

Indian industrialist Gautam Adani remains at the third position in the list. At present, his wealth is more than that of Jeff Bezos with a net worth of $134 billion. Jeff Bezos’s net worth is close to $116.8 billion at the fourth position. The difference between the two is only $17.8 billion.

Mukesh Ambani, who was once India’s richest man, is at number 8 in the list of billionaires of the world. He has a net worth of $93.2 billion. Let me tell you, Warren Buffet is at number 5 in the list, who has assets of $110.6 billion. Bill Gates is currently at 6th position.

Elon Musk

Key Information About him.

  • Elon Musk cofounded six companies including electric car maker Tesla, rocket producer SpaceX and tunneling startup Boring Company.
  • He owns about 25% of Tesla between stock and options, but has pledged more than half his stock as collateral for loans.
  • SpaceX, founded in 2002, is worth $127 billion after a funding round in May 2022; it quadrupled its value in three years.
  • Boring Company, which aims to defeat traffic, raised $675 million in April 2022 at a $5.7 billion valuation.
  • Twitter’s board agreed to sell the company to Musk for $44 billion in April 2022, after he disclosed a 9.1% stake and threatened a hostile takeover.
  • The deal closed in October 2022 after Musk tried to back out and Twitter sued. Musk now owns an estimated 82% of the company.

Bernard Arnault

Key Information About him.

  • Bernard Arnault oversees the LVMH empire of some 70 fashion and cosmetics brands, including Louis Vuitton and Sephora.
  • In January 2021, LVMH acquired American jeweler Tiffany & Co for $15.8 billion, believed to be the biggest luxury brand acquisition ever.
  • LVMH spent $3.2 billion in 2019 for luxury hospitality group Belmond, which owns or manages 46 hotels, trains and river cruises.
  • His father made a small fortune in construction; Arnault got his start by putting up $15 million from that business to buy Christian Dior in 1985.
  • Four of Arnault’s five children work in corners of the LVMH empire: Frédéric, Delphine, Antoine and Alexandre.

Gautam Adani

Key Information About him.

  • Gautam Adani is chairman of the $21 billion (revenue) Adani Group with interests in ports, airports, power generation and transmission, green energy, edible oils, cement and real estate, among others.
  • Adani controls Mundra Port, India’s largest, in his home state of Gujarat.
  • Adani acquired a 74% stake in Mumbai International Airport, India’s second-busiest, in September 2020. He’s now the country’s biggest airport operator.
  • In 2022, Adani acquired Swiss firm Holcim’s Indian assets for $10.5 billion to become India’s second-largest cement producer.
  • Adani wants to be the world’s largest producer of green energy and has said he will invest upto $70 billion on renewable energy projects.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Today Elon Musk is Richest Man but difference with Bernard Arnault is now very less now,

  • Elon Musk
  • Bernard Arnault
  • Gautam Adani
  • Jeff Bezos
  • Warren Buffett

John D. Rockefeller became the world’s first billionaire by measurable dollars. The Standard Oil Company founder became a billionaire in 1916 and was worth about 2% of the national economy.

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