Elon musk on twitter Charge $8 for Blue tick

Elon musk on Twitter, charge fee of US $ 8, or about Rs 650 indian rupee every month, for the blue tick issued after the verification of its users.

Report Sources

According to a report, the new owner of Twitter Elon Musk, is working on the process of bringing changes in the blue tick verification process and twitter charge $8 for blue tick.
A user had asked Elon musk by tweeting that he has a huge number of followers, despite that he is not able to get the blue tick. Reply to this tweet Elon Musk pointed to the introduction of the Paid blue tick verification process. However, IT Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar said on Monday that Twitter has not confirmed it so he will not comment on it yet.
Why is this an important topic because now you have to take a monthly subscription for Blue tick, for which you will have to pay an approximate $8 US dollars monthly.
Whoever does not take this subscription, his blue tick will be removed, no matter how many followers he/she has, it will now be a paid for everyone.

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Elon musk on Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue was launched in June last year as the first subscription service of this micro-blogging side, this subscription service is currently in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, for this there is a monthly charges of $5 usd i.e. ₹ 410, so it has to be seen that the musk, How and when will you start this service all over the world, will it be paid service everywhere now?

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The report states that Misk has also given its employees the deadline of November 7 for these changes, if the employees do not follow it, then they will have to do a pack up and leave i.e. they will be discharged from the company. Blue subscription will also get the facility of tweet edit. In one of the days Elon Musk had asked the user that he wanted the edit button in survey, in response to this, more than 70% of the user affection said yes.

Our opinion

In our Opinion Some people will not have any issue with bluetick monthly subscription, those who have followers in good numbers will take this subscription facility but my suggestion is that apart from blue tick, it is more important to verify the genuine account in twitter, Fake account Controlling is also an important topic that Elon Musk should look at. It is also an important topic related to security that Twitter should see as early as possible.

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