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IPL history is very interesting and full of excitement and starting it was not a necessity but a compulsion. Let us know how it became so famous overnight.

How IPL Started?

T20 cricket started in 2002 and its first World Cup took place in 2007.
The first match of T-20 was held in 2002, it was becoming famous all over the world but it was not getting any special popularity in India.
As soon as the World Cup was announced in 2007, Subhash Chandra, who had been trying for the media and broadcasting rights of cricket since 2002, was repeatedly rejected saying that he had no experience in sports broadcasting. He also applied for media rights in 2002, 2004 and 2005 but like every time he did not get media rights.
When the world cup was announced in 2007, 6 months before that, they decided to start T-20 League of players. Which was named Indian Champion League.
The concept of cricket leagues like IPL and ICL had come to a standstill in 1977 as well. In 1977, an Australian broadcasting company owned by Carrie Packer, he applied for Matches Media and Broadcasting rights from Australia Cricket Board and like Subhash Chandra, he was treated in the same way in 1977 that you do not have experience and he Accuse the time board that they are all mixed and do not give opportunity to anyone new.
But where was Kerry Packers going to remain silent, he secretly made an agreement with the big players of Australia, England and West Indies for his league. He offered 3 times more money than what a player used to get at that time and convinced everyone to join him in this series. They had already got sponsors and the grounds had also been found for this event. Kerry Packer did all this very quietly, no one was aware of anything.
When this tournament was announced, the Australia Cricket Board somehow intimidated all its players and took them out of that tournament and in this way England also succeeded, but the players of West Indies supported Kerry Packer and this The league was very successful. The Australia Cricket Board and the England Cricket Board were able to stop that league and their players who had returned at the behest of the board were also ready to play in what was called World Series Cricket for the next season.
Then Kerry Packer thought that once again he should talk to the Australia Board to give him media and broadcasting rights and this time the board agreed to give media rights to Kerry Packer on the condition of closing the World Series Cricket League because he had There was no other choice left.

But Subhash Chandra’s experience was opposite to that of Kerry Packer. His main reason was to announce without preparation, while Kerry Packer did everything by hiding and announced after everything was ready, while Subhash Chandra had no preparation, just a concept. The BCCI flopped the ICL by using all its sources and methods so that the incident of 1977 did not happen again. ICL was not getting famous players and stadium which could collect good crowd of public. BCCI had increased the salary of its players and national players had also started getting good money. BCCI along with ICC got mandatory to take permission from National Board before starting any private league. Without that permission no league will be considered legal. Against this decision, Subhash Chandra went to court and won the case too, but by then his players and sponsors had left him.
BCCI did not take this act of Subhash Chandra lightly and started IPL on 23 September 2007 by calling Lalit Modi.
No one had thought that IPL would become such a famous and profitable brand in such a short span of time.
With the start of IPL, cricket has got a huge advantage, cricket has now become world famous, players have started getting good money, new stadiums have started to be built and the talent who did not get chance in small villages, now He gets so much money in one season that his life gets relaxed. Because of such tournaments, India and all the countries of the world are getting so much talent that every country is running its own 2 to 3 cricket teams. Kerry Packer and Subhash Chandra did not benefit from this fight as much as the BCCI, ICC and cricket benefited.

IPL Huge Money For Everyone

IPL started in 2007 and in the last 15 seasons, IPL has multiplied its brand value. No one would have ever thought in the beginning that this event would earn so much name and money. In this, players from every corner of the world get their names written and on the day the bidding takes place, it is as if the biggest exam of their life takes place. If he goes unsold, then it is as if his career is over. That’s why IPL has now come to that stage that the selection board of the countries selects the players in the team after seeing their performance. The money and sponsorship amount that players get from IPL has become so much that if a player has 2 good seasons, then understand that life has improved and if 2 seasons are bad, then the world says, brother, you should retire now, your time is over. .

huge money in IPL

IPL Latest News and Updates

Every season of IPL brings something new in itself, in this, controversies regarding players and sometimes gambling and betting are always in discussion. In the 2022 season, the tournament was prolonged due to the addition of 2 additional franchises. Every cricket lover eagerly waits for the IPL season. This year Sam Curran became the most Expensive Sale player, he was bought by Kings XI Punjab for 18.50 crores, breaking Chris Morris record of 16.25 crores.

Brand Value of Teams in IPL History

TeamBrand Value
Chennai Super KingsRs 2,700 Crore
Mumbai IndiansRs 2,500 Crore
Kolkata Knight RidersRs 543 Crore
Royal Challengers BangaloreRs 536 Crore
Sunrisers HyderabadRs 442 Crore
Delhi CapitalsRs 370 Crore
Punjab KingsRs 318 Crore
Rajasthan RoyalsRs 249 Crore
(Reference: Sportzpoint.com)

How IPL Franchisee Owner make money


BCCI collects massive revenues from broadcasters and Over-the-top (OTT) platforms by selling media rights. It deducts its share and a big chunk of its revenues are then shared with the IPL teams.

Franchises get a guaranteed 40-50% revenue share (share of ₹48,000 crore for the next cycle) from IPL’s central contract revenue pool. The final winning team of the season walks home with the biggest share of BCCI profits. it is the huge amount in the terms of IPL History.

ipl teams making money

Fastest Ball in the IPL history

The record of fastest ball in IPL History goes to Shaun Tait and second fastest ball was bowled by Umran Malik of India in 2022 season.

Fastest Ball in IPL History

RankBowlerTeamTop Speed (kmph)
1Shaun TaitRajasthan Royals157.71 kmph
2Umran MalikSunrisers Hyderabad157 kmph
3Anrich NortjeDelhi Capitals156.22 kmph
4Umran MalikSunrisers Hyderabad156 kmph
5Anrich NortjeDelhi Capitals155.1 kmph

Most Runs In IPL History

Most Runs In IPL History | By the way, going to IPL is only for fast and fast cricket. Scoring here is considered very important and equally important is scoring fast and strike rate.

1Virat Kohli2166411
2Shikhar Dhawan2006086
3Rohit Sharma2215764
4David Warner1555668
5Suresh Raina2055528
6AB de Villiers1845162
7Chris Gayle1424965
8Robin Uthappa2014950
9MS Dhoni2284878
10Dinesh Karthik2224262

Highest Score in IPL History

Highest Score in IPL History | Although records are meant to be broken as soon as they happen, but there are some records in IPL which have not been broken for many seasons. The record for the highest score is also one of those.

1Chris Gayle1424965175
2Brendon McCullum1092880158
3AB de Villiers1845162133
4KL Rahul1023641132
5Rishabh Pant912686128
6Murali Vijay1062619127
8Jos Butler732467124
9Virender Sehwag1042728122
10Paul Valthaty23505120

Longest six in IPL history

Player NamedistanceYear
1. Albie Morkel (CSK) 125M2008
2. Praveen Kumar (RCB) 124M2008
3. Adam Gilchrist (KXIP) 122M2011
4. Robin Uthappa (RCB) 120M2010
5. Chris Gayle (RCB) 119M2013
6. Yuvraj Singh (KXIP) 119M2009
7. Ross Taylor (RCB) 119M2008
8. Gautam Gambhir (KKR)  117M2013
9. Ben Cutting (SRH) 117M2016
10. Liam Livingstone (PBKS) 117M2022

Frequently Asked Questions?

Most IPL Winner. Mumbai Indians (MI) is the most successful IPL team, having won the IPL tournament five times.

Virat Kohli – Batting King of IPL

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