Kamala Harris President Candidate 2024?

The campaign for 2024 is already well underway, and since President Biden hasn’t declared his bid for reelection, there is a lot of speculation about who might succeed him. Vice President Kamala Harris is an apparent choice as Biden’s prospective successor due to her position as second in command. Will she enter the competition?

What People think About Kamala Harris?

Despite a recent rise in her approval rating, Harris’s popularity has been low in recent polls leading up to the midterm elections. According to poll aggregator FiveThirtyEight, Harris is unpopular with 50.5% of Americans, while his approval rating is merely 38%.

Republicans who are critical of the administration’s immigration policies have focused in particular on Harris. After claiming that the U.S. borders were secure, Harris came under fire, and leaders in border cities chastised her for avoiding the region. Harris’ residence was a target for migrant buses in September, according to Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R). Abbott tweeted, “We will continue bringing migrants to sanctuary towns like D.C. until Pres. Biden & Border Czar Harris stand up & do their duties to protect the border,” on the day he dispatched the first two buses to Harris’s residence in Washington, D.C.

Has Harris declared plans to run in 2024?

Informally, Harris has not declared that she will seek the presidency in 2024. An analyst for The Washington Post ranked Harris near the top of probable candidates for the Democratic primary if Biden decides not to seek reelection, while the general public patiently awaits his decision.

In an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press, Harris stated that she was “extremely proud” of her position as Biden’s vice president and reaffirmed her commitment to running for another term in office if he choose to run.

Has Biden announced to run?

Biden’s decision to run or not has a significant impact on Harris’ possibility as a 2024 contender. Although Biden has not formally announced that he will run for re-election, he has stated that he does plan to do so.

The duties associated with such a decision prevented Biden from making an official announcement during an interview with CBS News’ 60 Minutes in September. He made it clear that just because he says he intends to do something doesn’t mean he would. That decision is still up for debate.

What do Americans think of Harris on the ballot if Biden does not run?

Democratic strategists and aides have speculated on Harris’ possibilities in 2024. Some believe that supporting Harris would be a mistake since she would be too weak to hold off more strong opponents. They point to a growing list of other potential Democratic primary candidates who are making tiny ripples in the polls. Many analysts feel she would struggle to compete with possible Republican contenders such as Trump or Florida Gov. 

According to poll statistics, these strategists may be misinterpreting Harris’s potential support among Democratic voters. Voters appear to be assessing their alternatives for a post-Biden primary in 2024, and poll data actually favours Harris as the Democrats’ next candidate. According to a September Morning Consult/Politico poll, Harris is the most likely presidential candidate if Biden does not run, with 28 percent of likely voters preferring her on the ticket. The poll also indicated that more voters thought Biden should seek for re-election, rising from 51% to 59% in the most recent poll.

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