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Shark Tank India is a TV program to provide funding to a startup and match it with the right investor. Even if he does not get funding, still the investors give him guidance. Shark Tank India proved to be a milestone for those startups. Because many startups despite having a good idea and ability to solve a problem are unable to raise funding for their project and give up their courage after seeing the presentation of their dreams everyday on their computer desktop. In the first season of Shark Tank India, I saw and understood many things which a normal person would not know in everyday life. What are the things that should be taken care of by a startup, so that the investor who will also fund, what are his expectations from that startup. On what basis should startups value their business because we have seen that some startups were still at the idea stage but the funding they sought against equity seemed very illogical to the sharks. Where Shark found the business fundable, Shark funded it and did not let it go empty from the stage. Shark Tank India judges who is sitting there as an investor, he will try to get the best deal where he can get maximum equity in the startup for the least amount of money, in other words the investor is a shark in Shark Tank India who has come to hunt. It is a matter of our own thinking whether the investor is hunting here or the startup? But in most deals, the investor is the shark and the startup comes on the show with a hope that it will get funding and fulfill its dreams. It is not that startups cannot get funding outside this show, but the judges who are sitting as sharks in this show have taken their business to such a level that their guidance can take them to a new height. Maybe startup comes on this show with the same thinking. The show of Shark Tank India proved to be so powerful in itself that some startups who didn’t even get money became stars overnight. Some startups also came which were already established and they offered such less equity to the shark against the funding, due to which the shark was not interested in investing, on which the shark told the startups on their face that you are the one to take the funding. You have not come here for this show, but only for free marketing and publicity. Some such startups hurt the investors because they found everything fine in those startups, but in the name of equity, cumin in the lion’s mouth was like a saying.


Shark Tank India Judges

Let us know who are the judges of our Shark Tank India and who owns which business and how they achieved it all.

shark tank india judges

Anupam Mittal

In the list of Shark Tank India judges, one judge who impressed everyone with his nature and decency is Anupam Mittal. He has invested in more than 100 companies till date and has been investing in the investment world for more than 10 years. His main company, because of which he is considered successful today, is
Apart from Anupam, one such startup which is making a name for itself is Rapido. It provides services as a motorcycle taxi and very quickly made a mark in its market.
Seeing Anupam Mittal in Shark Tank, one can easily understand how much patience and knowledge he has in startups business. I want to say one thing about him, even though he did not invest in the idea, but explained and motivated that newcomer with great decency.

He has been investing since the beginning of this upcoming business, probably since then when people were not properly familiar with startups terms.

Aman Gupta

The next judge on our list of Shark Tank India judges is Aman Gupta, CO-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Boat Audio & Lifestyle.
Chartered Accountant by profession but despite being so educated, he started Boat Audio with his partner Sameer in the desire to do something different and better in life.
When Boat Audio came in the market, its path was not so easy, many estabilished brands had already made their place in this segment. Nevertheless, Aman Gupta and Sameer made products according to the needs of the Indian customer and today their company is considered India’s leading brand in audio headphones, earphones and smart watches. Their products can be easily bought offline and online today.
Aman Gupta is a favorite of those who watch Shark Tank India. People like his naughty nature very much, some of his memes became very famous. During the show, he bought 40% equity of hammer audio. This was the brand that was in direct competition online with Boat, despite being supported by other sharks, he was so impressed with Aman that he ended up dealing with Aman Gupta even though all the other sharks were offering him better. This shows that he was both impressed and scared of Aman Gupta, he knew that he would not be able to compete with the position the boat is in today. During this deal, a statement of Aman Gupta was trending that “there is a badass leader in every field and he is the king of audio video field”.

Namita Thapar

Namita Thapar is the founder of Emcure pharmaceutical. Everyone else in the show calls her the mother of Pharma. Namita Thapar is a Chartered Accountant by profession.
Whenever startup used to pitch during the show, she used to listen to it very carefully and give her decision only after understanding the nuances of its business. She invested in more than 10 startups during this show. She invested only in those businesses about which she knew a little bit or She able to add values. Her style of saying no to startups became very famous in which she used to say ‘I am sorry I will not be able to invest because I do not have expertise in this’.
Her Emcure pharmaceutical is today in India’s top 10 pharma and she has exclusive sales and distribution rights for many pharmaceutical brands.

Recently one of her post went viral when viewers in India were trending on Twitter for not taking a super famous shark from Season 1 in Season 2. Namita said that this show is very important for startups, because of the quality of this show, the show is famous. Shark Tank India doesn’t care if any one shark is there or not.

shark tank india judges

Vineeta Singh

Vineeta Singh is the Co-founder & CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics, India’s fastest growing beauty brand with a distribution network of 35000+ branded retail outlets in more than 540+ cities. 

Vinita Singh is an IIM Ahmedabad graduate and has taken her brand Sugar Cosmetics to new heights in the makeup and fashion industry in a short span of time.
During the show, he interacted very well with the startups. She did not crack deals much in Shark Tank India and invested only in those businesses in which he could add value or the brands he could run by mixing with Sugar Cosmetics. As we generally see that sharks take risks because the more the risk, the more is the chance of getting their money, but Vineeta played quite safe opposite to this, probably because of this, she was not present in some episodes of season 1.

 she is famously known for declining a ₹1cr job offer from a leading investment bank to follow her heart and dive into entrepreneurship. Also a triathlete and ultramarathoner, her passion for running has helped her challenge her limits time and again. She has been featured in Fortune 40 Under 40 List 2021, The Economic Times, Entrepreneur magazine, Times Of India, Your Story, HT Mint, and much more.

shark tank india judges

Peyush Bansal

Peyush Bansal is the CO Founder of Lenskart, an eyewear and sunglasses company.
Lenskart does not need any introduction in India today. Lenskart is the first preference of majority of Indian users today. Lenskart has more than 1000 retail stores working in India and the maximum credit goes to Lenskart’s CO Founder Peyush Bansal and his team.

As you all must have seen that Peyush Bansal appeared as a shark as an investor in Shark Tank India.
But seeing Peyush, his nature and understanding impressed many people and people were eager to know about him.
Seeing Peyush in Shark Tank India, one thing is understood that technology is his priority area, whatever project Peyush invested in, Peyush invested according to how big that project can be made with technology.
There Peyush cleared one thing that he is not much interested in profit of 5-10 crores, unless the project solves a big problem.
A project is presented in front of Peyush in which a presenter who belongs to a village and despite having limited resources prepares a proto model, the name of that presenter is Kamlesh Jugadu. He was looking at every shark with hopeful eyes that someone would invest in his project but one by one every investor refused him.
But seeing Kamlesh’s desire to do something, Peyush gave him an investment of 30 lakhs. The amount of 30 lakhs was not a big amount for any shark sitting there, but then no one took the risk of even 30 lakhs on Kamlesh, who would do anything, but Peyush Golden Heart man won the hearts of crores of Indians by investing 20 lakhs.

Ashneer Grover

Ashneer Grover who has been the founder of Bharat Pe. There is no shark more famous than him among the Shark tank India judges. People liked him because of his impeccable statement, so many people even gave him the title of arrogant. Ashneer Grover started his career with a bank job. After doing 7 years of bank job, thinking of doing something new, he also joined PC Jewelers Karol Bagh and increased his knowledge further.

Ashneer has very good knowledge of banking sector, helped one of his friends to bring investment and later accepted the offer to work with that friend and started Grofer Grocery brand.

Later after taking exit from Grofer started bharatpe and where Paytm and Phonepe stopped at one level, from there Ashneer made his presence in the market overnight by making single Qr code. Ashneer Grover has been facing controversy for some time, due to which he had to leave Bharatpe and probably because of this negative publicity, he was not taken as a shark in season 2. Which was not liked by the people who watched the Shark Tank show and he also trended on Twitter but probably the show people had decided not to take him.
His anger and outspoken statement during the show was liked by the viewers. A startup boomer faced their anger during the pitch when he said that he is here to get funding from Namita Thapar and Aman Gupta so Ashneer asked if he will make a better offer then will he accept to which boomer didn’t answer properly had got. So Ashneer told boomer that I will remove your hypocrisy. His double faced slang became very famous and on the same lines he recently launched a book titled Doglapan.

shark tank india judges

Amit Jain

In Shark Tank India season 2, A new shark will be jumping into the pool. Car Dekho CEO and founder Amit Jain is replacing Ashneer Grover on the show.

Amit is the only new entry. He is from Jaipur and studied at IIT Delhi. He worked for a while in Austin, Texas with a company and started his first startup there. He later started Car Dekho with his brother in 2007, which he said on an HT Smartcast show Minding My Business: The CEO Story, has turned into a ‘billion dollar company’.

What Amit Jain will be able to do in Season 2, it will be able to tell only during the show, but his reputation in the industry is of very smooth nature.


Frequently Asked Questions?

1.Aman GuptaCMO and Co-Founder
2.Amit JainCEO & Co-founder
3.Anupam MittalFounder and CEO
4.Peyush BansalFounder and CEO

The makers of Shark Tank India have finally announced the date for the release of the much awaited second season. January 2 is when fans of the show can get back to watching their favourite sharks in action on Sony TV. A scene from the Second Season of Shark Tank India.

Peyush Bansal and Anupam Mittal.

 Shark Investing is an approach to the stock market designed to capitalize on the many unique attributes and advantages that the smaller investor possesses.

Ashneer Grover Father is CA.

One of the key reasons why youngsters are hooked to Shark Tank India is that it is a one-of-a-kind Indian show based on business strategy and investment. It offers a great deal of insight into entrepreneurship.

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