Shibnobi Coin Roadmap and Price 2023 2025 2030

Shibnobi Coin is one such project among the available coins in the crypto market which has started attracting the attention of investors due to its use case and utilities. Let’s know why Shinobi is special and who is behind its project.

Shibnobi Coin as a Project

According to the founder “Shibnobi is not just a project, it’s also a way of life,a community,
Shibnobi is actually leading the charge.

Shibnobi Vision

Shibnobi, Inc. is a Texas-incorporated company that was founded to increase the safety of new and existing cryptocurrency and blockchain users and participants as the industry continues to grow and reach record levels of adoption year after year. Shibnobi, both as a blockchain company and through the utility that it will provide, aims to dramatically improve this by establishing real-world accountability of projects and their owners with whom Shibnobi will partner by implementing KYC / KYB (“know your customer” / “know your business”) practices and minimum acceptable operating standards, including measures that will effectively remove anonymity, which listed ecosystem participants mull over.

Shibnobi intends to first focus on the development of core components of decentralized finance, namely a swap utility (DojoSwap), a multifactor authentication EVM (“Ethereum Virtual Machine”) compatible wallet (Shibnobi Wallet), and finally a secured proof of stake EVM blockchain (Shibnobi Blockchain), which will be explained further in this document. Shibnobi will then launch its metaverse (DojoVerse) to further gamify the ecosystem and lead to additional partnerships and value for its ecosystem participants once these core components are in place and the incentivization of the Shibnobi ecosystem increases through its utility.

Shibnobi has a strong belief in its vision and has led from the front since its inception, with near-daily community video conferences and open communication on all topics, and will continue to do so until its mission is completed.

Shibnobi as a Cryptocurrency

Shibnobi has developed an open source cryptocurrency token, Shinja Coin, which is a general purpose cryptocurrency for use in everyday digital platform services within the Shibnobi ecosystem, such as the activation of premium features and functions within its ecosystem tooling, and will also serve as the base unit of all economic transactions within the Shibnobi ecosystem, including its subsystems and eventual metaverse.
Shinja coin is a pure cryptocurrency with a fixed supply that is both non-inflationary and fractionally divisible. Shinja coin units, like all cryptocurrencies, are fungible and transferable, and they will be expected to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges both centralised and decentralized.
Shinja coin is not intended to be an investment of any kind, and Shibnobi makes no guarantees or promises about its current or future value.

The existing Shibnobi Shinja coin  was built on the Ethereum ERC20 protocol, which, in addition to providing a mature development environment geared toward the creation of trustless smart contracts required for the Shibnobi platform to function, also provides access to the largest EVM wallet user base, which will eventually be incentivized to bridge their token into the native Shibnobi Blockchain coin with minimal complexity.

Shibnobi Dojoswap

Shinobi DojoSwap is a coin swap utility that allows you to swap any coin among itself. Initially it was launched only with Ethereum blockchain swap facility, later BSC coins also started swapping. New launch projects are also listed and swapped here.

Shibnobi Founders

The founders of Shinobi are Cliff Fettner and Luke. Both are coding professionals by profession and they believe that this project of theirs will make life easier in the coming times due to its use case.

Shinja Coin Supply

  • Original Supply 100,000,000,00
  • Current Total Supply 79,549,715,955
  • Eth Supply 74,552,962,982
  • Bsc Supply 4,996,746,973
  • Burn 20,450,284,045

Shinja Coin Price

The year 2022 did not go well for crypto currency and the market is red everywhere. Similarly, Shinobi could not escape from this impact and at this time it is trading at -90% from its all time high.

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Shinja Coin Price in 2023

As the market experts are estimating, as soon as the war between Russia and Ukraine is over, a jump of 30-35% is expected in Shibnobi Price from today’s price.

Shinja Coin Price in 2025

As we know so far, the roadmap of Shinobi and the kind of solutions the team is working on, if something goes according to their plan, then doubling its price from 2022 to 2025 is not a big deal. We have seen that the team of Shibnobi till date has delivered whatever timeline they promised to their investors and community before the time. Community & Investors invests considering every statement announced by Shinobi as a sure promise.

Shinja Coin Price in 2030

The year 2030 is 7 years away and the crypto market keeps on going up and down everyday due to one or the other news. But according to the burn system Shinobi founders have implemented, 50% of its supply would have been burnt by 2030. Looking at his calculation, we can say that the Shinobi price would have been at least 10 times of today’s price.

Shibnobi Projects

shibnobi coin

Shibnobi investor incentives

Shinobi never let his community down. In this difficult time, when the crypto market is in complete loss, even then the everyday reward program is run to keep its investors with them. As on Bitmart exchange, whatever profit exchange gets from Shinobi’s trade everyday, it distributes some part of it daily to those investors who have kept this coin on hold. Because of this, whoever is its holder continues to get some incentive from Shinobi and Exchange even after being in loss in the market. Earlier they were given this incentive in the form of Shinobi Coin, later it was given in the form of USTD.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Yes in the longterm Shibnobi Shinja having a great roadmap.

Many Options Available to buy shibnobi.

  • bitmart
  • hotbit
  • dojoswap
  • binance
  • coindesk
  • metamask wallet
  • trust wallet

Now the Shibnobi available for eth and bsc.

both the supply available to trade.

Shibnobi is a token that aims to transform DeFi and develop the token’s own Kusari blockchain

$0.000000000000027489 -100.0% Dec 18, 2021

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