Tim Hortons Coffee | Expansion Growth Success Story in India

Tim Hortons, Canada’s coffee and baked goods brand, opened on August 11 in India, with their first two locations in the national capital region at Gurgaon and Saket.

About Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons Inc., also known as Tim’s or Timmie’s, is a multinational Canadian coffeehouse and restaurant chain. Tim Hortons, based in Toronto, sells coffee, doughnuts, and other fast food items. As of June 30, 2022, it is Canada’s largest quick-service restaurant chain, with 5,352 locations in 15 countries.

After an initial venture in hamburger restaurants, Tim Horton (1930-1974) and Jim Charade (1934-2009) founded the company in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario. In 1967, Horton formed a partnership with investor Ron Joyce, who took over operations after Horton died in 1974. Joyce grew the company into a multibillion-dollar enterprise. Charade left the organization in 1966 and returned briefly in 1970, 1993, and 1996.

Burger King agreed to buy Tim Hortons for $11.4 billion on August 26, 2014.

On December 15, 2014, the two chains became subsidiaries of the Canadian-American holding company Restaurant Brands International, which is majority-owned by the Brazilian investment firm 3G Capital.

Name Change and Tim hortons Growth

The company was founded as Tim Donut Limited. By the 1990s, the name had been changed to The TDL Group Ltd. The company attempted to diversify its business by removing the primary emphasis on doughnuts and continuing to expand menu options as consumer tastes broadened.

Despite the fact that the official spelling of the company’s name has been Tim Hortons, without an apostrophe, for at least a decade, some older locations retain signage with the company’s name including a possessive apostrophe.

The apostrophe was removed by the company after signs using the apostrophe were interpreted by some as violating Quebec’s language sign laws in 1993. The removal of the apostrophe allowed the company to have one common sign image across Canada.


Tim Hortons merger with Wendy's

Daniel P. Murphy, the owner of all Tim Hortons and Wendy’s restaurants in Prince Edward Island, decided to open new franchise outlets for both brands in the same building in Montague in 1992. Murphy invited Joyce and Wendy’s chairman Dave Thomas to the “combo store’s” grand opening, where the two executives met for the first time. Murphy’s success in combining coffee and doughnuts with Wendy’s fast food led to Wendy’s International, Inc., an American corporation, acquiring and merging with TDL Group on August 8, 1995.

tim hortons wendy

Tim Hortons Growth

Tim Hortons franchises quickly spread, eventually displacing McDonald’s as Canada’s largest food service operator. By 2005, the company had opened twice as many Canadian locations as McDonald’s, and system-wide sales had surpassed those of McDonald’s Canadian operations in 2002. In 2005, the chain accounted for 22.6% of all fast-food industry revenues in Canada.

Under pressure from major investors Peter May and Nelson Peltz, Wendy’s announced in late 2005 that it would sell between 15% and 18% of Tim Hortons operations in an initial public offering, which was completed on March 24, 2006, and that it would spin-off its remaining interest to shareholders by the end of 2006. Wendy’s cited increased competition between the two chains as well as Tim Hortons’ increasing self-sufficiency as reasons for its decision, but the company had been under shareholder pressure to make such a move due to the Tim Hortons brand’s strength and profitability.

Tim Hortons merger with Burger King

Burger King announced on August 24, 2014, that it was in talks to merge with Tim Hortons Inc; the proposed $18 billion mergers would involve a tax inversion into Canada, with a new holding company majority-owned by 3G Capital and the remaining shares in the company held by current Burger King and Tim Hortons shareholders. According to a Tim Hortons representative, the proposed merger would allow Tim Hortons to leverage Burger King’s resources for international growth; the two chains would continue to operate separately after the merger. The announcement of the proposal increased the value of Tim Hortons’ stock by 28%.

tim hortons with burger king

Tim Hortons in India

Tim Hortons in India: Canadian multinational fast food restaurant chain Tim Hortons has officially entered the Indian market,  with their first two locations in the national capital region (NCR) at Gurugram and Saket. The Canadian coffee joint  Tim Hortons opened one store in New Delhi’s Select Citywalk Mall and the other in the DLF CyberHub in Gurgaon. Later on they Opened 2 more outlets one in west delhi Punjabi bagh and Another in Chandigarh Elante mall.

Tim Hortons Expansion Plan

Tim Hortons, a Canadian restaurant chain, plans to open 120 stores in India over the next three years, with an investment of up to Rs 300 crore, a top company official said on Monday. The chain, which opened its first store in India in August, will initially focus on North India before expanding to other regions.

“The commitment that I made to the board is in the first 36 months of operation, in the first three years, there’ll be 120 stores (in India),” the company’s India CEO Navin Gurnaney said here in an interaction on the sidelines of Indian Restaurant Congress 2022. The company could exceed the target as the first year is focussed on “building the foundation” with 20 new stores followed by another 50 new stores in the following 12 months, he added. This, he said, will be followed by another 60 new stores in the third year.

All these stores will be company-owned, he said, adding the “investment per store is between Rs 2 crore to Rs 2.5 crore”. At present, Tim Hortons has six stores — five in Delhi-NCR and one in Chandigarh, and by December, three more stores will be opened, Gurnaney noted “We’re currently focused on the north, which is Delhi and Punjab but by early summer, late spring, we will be in Mumbai, Pune, Surat and Ahmedabad. There will be some off-highway locations. We are actually considering a few different locations in Bangalore,” the CEO said.

These will be in malls, high streets, airports and office complexes, he added. Bullish on the Indian market, he said, “It’s the consumer spending in India. The global aspirations, the number of industries that are coming to India and adding to people’s ability to spend more, the social media that makes them think differently globally, any retail brand has prima facie the possibility of success, then it depends on how well you execute.”

Tim Hortons Coffee

Where a person gets their coffee can reveal a lot about them. Tim Hortons fans are definite, die-hard Timmie’s fans — and they’re usually pretty proud to tell you all about it. Every coffee shop inspires some brand loyalty, but Tim Hortons inspires loyalty on a whole new level. Fans of the chain will tell you that their Timbits are legendary, their coffee is the subject of a strange urban legend (which we’ll investigate), and Roll-up-the-Rim season can rival Christmas in terms of sheer excitement. What else do we need to know about this Canadian icon? Lots!

Tim Hortons may be known as the coffee company from America’s friendly northern neighbor, but their coffee comes from an unexpected source. All of the coffee used in those famous double-doubles is roasted, packaged, and shipped from the United States. It goes through a processing plant in Rochester, New York, which is kind of appropriate. It’s not far from Buffalo, where Horton played for the Sabres for part of his career.

No, nothing has been added to the coffee to make it more addictive.

People who love Tim Hortons love Tim Hortons, and if you’re used to picking up a coffee on your way to work, you’ll miss it if you have to skip a morning. This has given rise to numerous rumors that something has been added to their coffee to make it even more addictive, with theories ranging from having it super-caffeinated to even being dosed with nicotine or MSG.

Nothing of this is true, and you can rest assured that it is only an urban legend. It’s so common that Tim Hortons addresses it in their official FAQ, and The Torontoist adds that adding nicotine to coffee is not only illegal, but also dangerous. They tried to find the source of the urban legend, but they discovered Tim Hortons isn’t the only one who has been the target of the same story. McDonald’s was even accused of putting nicotine in their burgers to make them more addictive, just in case you needed more proof that it’s all a myth.

Indian Love for Tim Hortons

Indians are loving the taste of Team Horton’s coffee and Timbits.
There are 2-3 main reasons why Indians are liking Team Horton’s coffee so much, no matter where you go to Tim Horton’s outlet, you have to stand in line to place your order. This
If Indians prefer to live in any other country after India, then it is Canada. Today the condition of Canada has become such that there are less Canadians and more Indians. Those Indians who live in Canada would have also told about Tim Hortons to their Indian relatives that there is Tim Hortons here and the coffee and Timbits here are very tasty.
Now those Canadian NRIs, our Indians also express their feeling by taking Team Hortons coffee in hand that now India has also become so advanced that every big brand searches its scope in India.
Tim Hortons is its live and latest example, here even after finishing the coffee of Indian Tim Hortons, they roam around with their empty glass in their hands for a long time and feel proud. It is only we Indians, whom we give a lot of love, nowadays all the love of coffee lovers is for Tim Hortons.
Let’s enjoy Canadian coffee in India until the visa for Canada comes.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Yes it is Available in India,has 6 Running outlets in Delhi,Gurugram and Chandigarh.

Tim Hortons Opening and Running Cafes in Delhi is Select City Mall & Punjabi Bagh, Gurugram and Chandigarh.

At Present No. But Tim Hortons is Planning to open 120 more points in next 3 years.

Yes Planning to open another 120 more points in next 3 years.

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