Urban Clap To Urban Company Success Story ?

Urban Company started in 2014 in Gurgaon, with three founders Abhiraj CEO, Raghav Chandra CPTO and Varun Khaitan COO, all this pass from IT Kanpur and after completing his studies, first aid in America for this and for some experiments of his life. Sending the US face to face, he decided that this is how the urban Clap started, Even before starting Arpan against, these three partners did some power in their life which could not work due to some reason, it was not that they had done the first startup of Urban Clap in before which was not successful due to some reason.

What they Do?

India is big country population wise and economy wise also. Daily work opportunities are coming but still unemployment.
Urban Company Give Training To Professionals Accoring To Company Norms And Send To User Who That Professional Service Need And Keep The Commission Which Starts From 15% To 30%
Because of this, the professional got the job and the professional service to the user.

Why Rebranding

Why did the company change its name from Urban Clap to Urban Company, what was the reason, because of which they had to change this name. In the beginning, Urban Clap started its service from 14 cities in India and added only a few selected tasks to its service, which they feel is the problem of the daily routine of the people of India, first of all they should be questioned so that the company can get its name. Be able to create trust among the people and later gradually become a profitable company by increasing the customer base through its service in villages in different cities of India.As soon as the company became an urban company from Urban Clap or the thinking behind it, many services were added, in which spa grooming repair cleaning painting fitness yoga and now laptop repair service has also been started, some of these services are such that for which Customers of India used to spend their whole day in search of professionals in the morning and evening whether it is AC service or laptop repair service or cleaning service or printing service. Company properly evaluated every segment and launched that service with very good study.

Number Of Employees

The number of employees in the company has increased from 4000 to 5000 and the company has kept its head quarter in Gurgaon, Haryana, Urban Company currently has about 30000 to 35000 professionals working in India, who provide the most different types of services to the customer. There is a very good positive thinking and approach behind the success of the company. Before launching any service, all its processes and protocols were defined and tested then they launched them. at present they have 100 -150 trainers It has a strong team of trainers and 50 training centre across india to trained and update the professionals time to time, so that the customer gets a world class level service experience.

Who Got Benefit

If I need any service today, I first used to search on Urban Because i Know if I don’t get satisfactory service then I can escalate it and get my problem solved, my money will not be there for following up professional The kind of Satisfaction and Piece of Mind Urban has given to the customers is just amazing. They want customer satisfaction and been a customer i feel like a king.

uc business model

Funding Rounds

Urban Company has now raised $445 million in funding and raised investments in 16 rounds. Its total number of investors are 12 and has 10 lead investors. You can guess after this that how much is the trust of the investors who have invested repeatedly on this project.

Sales Value & Growth

Company’s sales were not doing very good in early 2-3 years like others but in 2019 they completed 18 lakh sales ordered and its value was 130 crores, in the year 2019 the company completed 33 lakh orders and the value was 400 crores, year 2020 of covid Because of this no one is doing well and the company has done sales of 218 crores and again in 2021 with some growth and has achieved a sales value of 268 crores.


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The company further strengthened Urban Clap by acquiring 3 companies that provided services in the same field but lacked their processes and funding.
In 2016 Handy Homes which used to provide cleaning service and in again in 2016 the company named Good Service was also acquired by Urban and in 2020 the company has strengthened the company by just acquiring Glamazon

International focus & Expansion

Urban Company has now given its presence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Australia and Singapore with the intention of executing the same plan to give international presence to the company by focusing in the international market and wants to repeat the same success story but will it be able to do so because It is not necessary that what the Indian customer thinks, the international customer should also think. Time will tell whether the urban company will do a new acquisition or it will be acquired itself.

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